Most Viewed Nepali Song

Kutu Ma Kutu” is a movie song which is also very beautiful dancing song. The song, which become a national obsession and also loved by internationally and swiftly become one of the most viewed Nepali song in YouTube. “Kutu Ma Kutu” has already made history. It’s no surprise it happened with an insanely catchy with its great melody and voice and able to rose up to 15 crore 1 lakh 90 thousand 1 hundred and 49 times till the date. The song release in 28 may,2017 has not stopped to get views and the craze of this song is still growing immensely up to the date. “Kutu Ma Kutu” it’s perhaps a surprise to see that the most popular Nepali song in YouTube of all time-is sung almost entirely famous singers Melina Rai, Rajan Raj Shiwakoti and Rajan Ishan. Actress Swastima Khadka and actor’s Nischal Basnet and Asif Shah played their great role and perform in this song. There is also a international version of this song . This song is famous in all sector like Tiktok, and many stage performances as well as lot of covers has done by many people in this song.

Shining Artist and their struggle

Being a part of Nepali film industry is every new commer’s dream, whether he/she is struggler or an offspring of a Kollywood superstar. Talent, great body, acting and dancing skill aren’t the only thing that you need to make it big in the industry. You need luck, big banner projects and box office returns to make it big in film industry.

Malika Mahat a girl from Kathmandu, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal born on 2nd November 1999 is a rising star in present context in Nepalese film industry. She started her career as a model and has participated in several fashion show events. She has also featured in several music videos. She also has participated in Miss SlC Nepal in 2016. She made her big-screen debut with ‘Yatra, A Musical Vlog’ where she shared the screen with actor Salin Man Baniya where she has done a great job and got a huge success in first debut movie only. Nowadays she is busy on doing back to back Super hit Music videos like Phulbutte Sari with 38 million views plus and Tadha Bhaye Pani with 13 million views plus in short period of time. The continuously growing stardom of Mahat has given a ray of hope for her upcoming bright future.

Paul Shah

Paul Shah a recognizable name in Nepali film industry, Paul Shah originated from Dang, Nepal born on 15 September 1989.He started his career with music videos and later became a popular actor in Nepali film industry. He is best known for modeling. There is no denying the fact that he is one of the good looking , generous and compassionate actor with immense talent in Nepalese film industry. He was featured in over 200 plus music videos before entering the Nepalese film industry. He was quite famous in those periods but after his first movie Nai Nabhannu La 4, which was a huge success where his performance was appreciated and hopefully, he was able to baffle the audience with his performance. Since then he has made appearance in the commercially successful romantic drama Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu and Bir Bikram 2 action film Johnny Gentleman and family drama Shatru Gate and many more. All his movies has got a height of success and it would be delightful to watch his more success in future.

Najir Hussain

Najir Hussain one of the finest actor in Nepali film industry originally from Simara Gadhimai, Nepal born on 7 September, 1990.He is the only actor from Madhesi Muslim to rose into the frame. Although many of them criticize him but he stood for himself does lots of hard work with dignity and able to convey himself in this industry. Not many knows him as yet. But make no mistake he is destined for stardom. He is eloquent expressive and confident actor. His 1st movie Hostel Returns which gave him fame with his extraordinary talent and portraying many more significant roles in different movies like Bir Bikram 1 and 2, Raja Rani, KagajPatra, Gantho etc. He has also done lots of music videos which has got million plus views. Hussain nails and gives seriously breathless spin to every characters. Rest assured, we will see a lot more of him in his upcoming days.

Relko Bato

Relko Bato” Is a song by famous singer Suraj Pandit. It was released on March 11,2021.It was written by Lekhraj Giri and composed by Suraj Pandit himself. This song resemble the current situation of country Nepal from Mugu district.

Most songs simply want to make you happy or sad. But some are trying to do more, shedding light on an important social issue or cause and prompting people to act. Popular music has always delivered social critique like Suraj Pandit has delivered in this song where nation’s economic crisis has deeply affected the lives of thousands people of Humla Jumla. Deepening poverty is inextricably linked with rising levels of homelessness and food insecurity/hunger for many Nepalese and children are particularly affected by these conditions.

As well as the problem of road has given the mainstream in this music video. Also song has deeply console about the Rel (Train) where the people living in those places has shortage of wide roads and blandness of affluence or the pain of personal difficulty. When the inequality is high, it’s driven by the superrich because (the poor) can’t go lower than zero. Likewise, those people who are in high position who is knowingly pretending like unknown about the situation, songs like this would help to had the sole purpose of raising awareness and element of aspirations for them as well.

At end, we aim to expect more good nd inspiring music videos that reflects our country political issues from amazing artist like Suraj Pandit.

सौगात मल्ललाई ‘सुपरस्टार’को ट्याग

मुकुन्द भट्टको निर्माण तथा निर्देशन रहेको चलचित्र ‘लप्पन छप्पन–२’ को निर्माण टिमले अभिनेता सौगात मल्ललाई पहिलोपटक ‘सुपरस्टार’को ट्याग दिएको छ ।

शुक्रबार सार्वजनिक ‘लप्पन छप्पन–२’ को टिजर सार्वजनिक गर्दै निर्माण टिमले सौगातलाई ‘सुपरस्टार’को ट्याग दिएको हो। चलचित्र ‘लप्पन छप्पन–२’ को नयाँ रिलिज डेटसहित दोस्रो टिजर सार्वजनिक गरिएको छ । चलचित्रको पहिलो टिजर एक बर्ष अघि नै सार्वजनिक गरिएको थियो। २०७७ साल बैशाख १२ गते रिलिज हुने मिति तय भएपनि कोरोनाको कारण रिलिज मिति लगभग एक बर्ष धकेलिएको हो। चलचित्र नयाँ वर्षको छेको पारेर चैत २७ गतेदेखि रिलिज हुने भएको छ ।

टिजरमा सौगात मल्ललाई मात्र स्थान दिइएको छ । एक्सन ड्रामा चलचित्रमा सौगातसँगै शिव श्रेष्ठ, अर्पण थापा, अनुपविक्रम शाही, शक्ति श्रेष्ठ, प्रकाश कुँवर, स्व. दीपक क्षेत्री, सरिता गिरी, एञ्जल श्रेष्ठ, अनिल खनाल, राजेन्द्र विष्ट, केरोलिन कोलिन्डा, सुपर गुरुङ, आना ढकाल, सृजना सिना लगायतका कलाकारको अभिनय छ ।

चलचित्रको पटकथा र संवाद निर्देशक भट्ट र सुनिल नेउरेको छ ।

सुरज अधिकारी र प्रजापति सिवाकोटीको कार्यकारी निर्माण रहेको चलचित्रमा चिजकुमार श्रेष्ठ, प्रकाश कुँवर, निर्मल कुमार मिश्र र सन्तोष चन्द्र भक्रेल निर्माताको रुपमा छन् । पुरुषोत्तम प्रधानले खिचेको चलचित्र मिलन श्रेष्ठले सम्पादन गरेका छन् ।

Most Viewed Nepali Songs on Youtube

Since the YouTube has become one of the used Social media, people’s fells like a world where they can see whatever they want search whenever they need and listen songs anything as their taste. Likewise, Nepal has also it’s own place in YouTube where there are millions of videos with their millions of views as well. Music videos in particular have enjoyed great success on the streaming site and are now the majority of the most-viewed videos in YouTube history. Some of the most viewed Neplai songs are:

10. Rupai Mohani is one of the most viewed Nepali song in YouTube with 33,320,731 views from movie “Satru Gate”.Many talented actors and (Maha jodi) has played a vital role in this video. The incredible singer Tanka Budathoki with his own music and choreographer Kabiraj Gahatraj has done a great job with their talent.

9. Parana Parana song from the movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2″ has able to create one of the most viewed YouTube Nepali song with 35,363,206 views with in a year. Greatest singer Anju Panta and Ashish Aviral has given their amazing performance with himself Ashish Aviral music.

8.Kasari Kasari The two diva of Nepali music industry Tanka Budathoki and Melina Rai has given their voice in this music video with his own music where it has been able to cross 43,920,206 views. At first there was not a good response but swiftly become one of the most viewed and popular Nepali Music Video.

7. Machile Khani Kholi ko Leu A true icon in Nepali music history, Melina Rai & Saroj Oli has given the best sound in this Music video with 45,280,696 views. Beautiful Priyanka Karki and The Cartoon Crews team has featured in this song with Basanta Sapkota‘s Music and talented Choreographer Kabiraj Gahatraj.

6.Pahilo Number Ma is also the most viewed Nepali song in YouTube with 48,276,698 views from movie “Chakka Panja 3”.The song produce by the most talented lady director Deepa Shree Niraula, sound by David Shanker and Bindu Pariyar and Music by Dipak Sharma. Although, because of famous actor and actress in this music video it has become more entertaining to watch .

5. Maya Birani music video is also able to succeed most watched Nepali music videos with 50,850,362 views with in a year. The very talented singer Melina Rai and Mahesh Kafle with Actors Najir Husen and Aanchal Sharma represent this song.

4.Sali Mann Paryo Again another movie song, where the audiences loved it astonishingly from the movie “Ghamad Shere” and has become on of the most watched Nepali song with 58,733,665 views. The professional singer Kali Prasad Baskota and the Rising Star Ashmita Adhikari with actors Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka has featured in this song and has done amazing job.

3.Pirim Nalaune Sometimes a song become famous solely because it’s an earworm. It’s no surprise it happened with an insanely catchy song with its great melody and voice. Melina Rai and Ashish Sachin with their amazing vocals and actors Barsha Raut and Ashish Sachin himself featured in this song. However, this song rose to become the newest member on the YouTube most viewed Nepali songs.

2.Maya Luki Luki Whether you watched it or not, there’s no denying that “Maya luki luki ” which holds the record of second most watched Nepali song with 92,054,134 views. The amazingly talented singer Tika Prasain has gave her soothing voice featured with the biggest dancing group of Nepal “The Cartoonz Crews” has done a great job.

1.Kutu Ma Kutu “Kutu Ma kutu” it’s perhaps a surprise to see that the most popular Nepali song in YouTube of all time-is sung almost entirely famous singers Melina Rai, Rajan Raj Shiwakoti and Rajan Ishan. Kutu Ma Kutu achieved all of its view count accolades in just three years, having debuted in May 28,2017 racked up more than 100 million views and now reached 134,011,187 views.It seems poised to only cement itself further as one of the most popular Nepali songs of all time.

The Incredible Rise of Nepali TikTok

In today’s context of Nepal, Tiktok has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms which presents an alternative version of online sharing. It allows users to create short videos with music, filters, and some other features. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s cringy, but it’s definitely addictive. Initially Tiktok was lauched in China, in September 2016.And thoroughly it is available all around the world via the App Store or Google Play Store. The use of tiktok and the users has been rapidly growing population in the world as well as in Nepal.

Tiktok provides a platform for users to express themselves in a very creative way. Although some people are using it as wrong side using vulgar words and vulgar videos which it is not worth it to watch. But some of them use it to capture the present world’s creativity, knowledge, precious life moment nd their talent through the short videos. And what makes it so attractive is that practically anyone can become a content provider because of simplicity of using app. With the rise of Tiktok users, it became inevitable that Nepalese celebrities and high profile people would take interest in the platform.

Similarly with the help of this platform majority of Nepalese users go viral, going viral is the golden ticket. As it has grown, Tiktok has become a marketplace for short bits of audio that users can upload for others to use in their own videos. Likewise, here are some of the most popular sounds being used on TikTok and where they originated.

Ke Maya Lagchha Ra” it itself is very beautiful song with organic love story where thousands of people has made videos in this sound, which has also helped the music video rack up nearly 14 millions views since it was posted in Jun 26, 2020. “Mineral Water” is so sweet and romantic debate song which has been created lots of tiktok videos and leds the music video to cross more than 5 million views within a few weeks.

Here are some famous song which are famous in TikTok.

Sunil Giri’s MUGLAN

Sunil Giri has never fail to amaze us with his incredible voice and the lyrics. He recently released his new song “Muglan” from the album “Pirati”.There really are no words that could truly convey the beauty of this song with the vocal and lyrics himself with the breathtaking voice. Rising singer Melina Mainali has performed with the female voice with him. This song portraits the story of a person leaving his family for the sake of earning or livelihood.

Enjoy the beautiful song with Lyrics.

Sajja Chaulagai Won Nepal Idol 3

Congratulations to all three winners ? of this year of Nepal Idol Seaon 3, where the winner is Sajja Chaulagain, 1st runner up Prabin Beduwal and 2nd runner up Kiran Kumar Bujhel. All of the contestant has hand overed prize money with 50 lakh, 15 lakh nd 5 lakh respectively. Their powerful voice, command of the stage, connection to the audience and the judges has left in the auditorium with goosebumps.
All the best for their career and future ventures!

गायक, संगीतकार राजनराज शिवाकोटी अब अभिनयमा

फिल्मका गीत सहित सबै खालका गीतमा रुचाइएका गायक हुन् राजनराज शिवाकोटी । उनले गाएका र संगीत भरेका गीतले करोड भ्युज कटाइसकेका छन् । गीतकार, संगीतकारका अलावा हिट गायकका रुपमा चिनिएका राजनराज शिवाकोटी अव म्युजिक भिडियोमा पनि देखिएका छन्

तिमी यता म उता’ बोलको गीतमा शिवाकोटीले पहिलो पटक गायिका मिलन अमात्य संग अभिनय गरेका छन् । राजनराजन शिवाकोटी कै शब्द तथा संगीतमा तयार भएको गीतमा गायिका मिलन नेवार र राजनराजकै गायन रहेको छ । राजनराजलाई सबै भन्दा बढि चिनाएको गीत ‘सुर्के थैली खै’ र ‘पूर्व पश्चिम रेल कुटुमा कुटुगोजीमा दाम छैन ’ देखि सिओडब्ल्यू काउ चरीले काफल टिप्यो लगायत छन् । जुन अहिले पनि उतिकै मात्रामा चर्चामा रहेको छ ।

तिमि उता म यता

चर्चित बाल गायक अशोक दर्जीको “प्रणाम” सार्वजनिक

छोटो समयमा चर्चामा आएका बाल गायक हुन आशोक दर्जी । एक बर्ष अघी झापाका केही शहरहरुमा मात्रै सीमित दर्जी, यतिबेला भने देश, बिदेशमा छाएका छन् । सम्पूर्ण नेपालीहरुको मनमा बस्न सफल भएका छन् । सानो मान्छे ,ठूला सपना अनि मिठो अवाजमा गाउने शैली भने उनको झनै रोचक छ । जस्तोसुकै गीतलाई पनि सहज तरिकाले गाउन सक्ने खुबी उनमा छ ।विशेष गरेर सामाजिक सञ्जाल र युट्युबमा उनको लोकप्रियता बढ्दो छ । युट्युबमा हिट बनेका अर्थात भाइरल बनेका दर्जीमा यतिबेला निकै परिर्वतन आएको छ । चलचित्रको कथा र पात्र जस्तै लाग्छ अशोक दर्जीको जीवनकहानी पनि । आर्थिक अवस्था नाजुक भएका कारण जम्मा २ कक्षा सम्म पढेर छोडेका थिए उनले । केही महिना अघि सम्म भूटानी शरणार्थी शिबिर बेलडाँगी, दमकमा गीत गाएर पैसा संकलन गर्थे उनी । जम्मा भएको पैसाले परिवारमा नुन, तेल, चामल जस्ता खाद्यान्न खरिद गर्थे । गीत गाएर आफु अनि परिवारको जीविको पार्जनमा सहयोग गदै आएका थिए अशोकले ।

प्रणाम नेपाली गीत तथा गीतको शब्दको लागि